martes, 22 de noviembre de 2016


Hi Honeys!

My name is Loles and I'm a Spanish girl 😊

Wait a moment! Spanish girl talking in English? Yeeees!

I'm studying English (so excuse me if I make many grammatical mistakes) and I love reading. 

English + books = Blog about books in English.

So I'm Loles and I'm 25 years old ( well, I'm almost 26 years old). I love reading, the music, seeing the rain, drinking tea, my dog,...

Ok, we go to the blog.

I have a Spanish blog where I talk about books, interview writers, make book tags,... and its name is Un Libro y té (something like A book and tea).
You can visit it if you want to read something in Spanish.

My objective is English-speaking people can read me.

So I'll write as often as possible and I'll write book reviews, interviews with writers, book tags,...

I want you to give me your opinion or correct my mistakes! (Thank you very very very much!).

I hope you'll enjoy and we'll read us soon!

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